Our priorities

We ask companies to take action on our priority issues by working together to create greater impact.

Education & young people

Working with schools and young people enables business to address the skills shortage holding back business from competing in the future.

Our ambition is for every young person, particularly those facing social disadvantage, to receive support from business to build successful working lives.

Enterprise & culture

We work to stimulate local economies and create jobs that are essential to vibrant communities.

Our ambition is for every business to support the creation and growth of enterprise and arts, focusing on areas of greatest need to reduce social deprivation and stimulate economic growth.

Tackling unemployment

We work to reduce the impact of unemployment particularly on young people and adults who are excluded from society.

Our ambition is that everyone, particularly those with significant barriers to overcome, receives support from business, to build the skills and confidence they need to gain and sustain employment.

Marketplace sustainability

Business must help to cut our dependency on diminishing natural resources and make other changes to allow for 9 billion people to lead quality lives by 2050.

Our ambition is for every company to prosper by offering products and services that make a contribution to creating high-quality and sustainable lifestyles for everyone the business model touches.

Workplace & employees

We work to create healthier, happier and more productive employees, and to tackle inequality in recruitment, pay and promotion for women and black, Asian and other ethnic minority groups.

Our ambition is a diverse, skilled and healthy workforce that actively volunteers in communities, with business setting public targets on diversity, fair pay, productivity and wellbeing.



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