Business Class in East of England

Business Class is a Government-endorsed national programme that engages business to support young people facing social disadvantage by forming long-term partnerships with schools.

In this region there is an established Business Class cluster in Cambridge and emerging clusters in Fenland, West Norfolk, Essex and Norwich

Pupils have benefited from the skills and experience of staff from local companies, including Dalehead Foods, Ridgeons and Cambridge University Press, who provided one to one mentoring, in-kind resources, and advice and support on everything from governance and financial management to business development and HR.

The picture above shows the two-way benefit of the partnerships: Students from Linton Village College are encouraged to give their time to community projects as part of Mandela Day. The project they chose was to do some tree planting on the site of their partner business, Dalehead Foods. Thus the students benefited from the opportunity and the business benefited from a better landscaped site. In the spirit of partnership another member of the cluster, Ridgeons, provided some of the necessary equipment.

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