Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering, where staff at all levels donate time and skills during work hours to tackle local social issues, is an effective and powerful way for businesses to invest in their people and local communities. Our vision is to make employee volunteering culturally normal.

We aim to ensure that employee volunteering happens in the areas most in need and is focussed on our key impact areas of Education & Young People, Employability and Enterprise & Culture.

Business in the Community also celebrates the work of businesses that make positive changes to their communities through practical action, including through the new Inspiring Social Action in Young People Award. In this, the Award's first year, we have awarded five Big Ticks.

What we ask of business

  • That all businesses recognise the transformational power of employee volunteering

  • That all businesses offer their employees the opportunity to volunteer during work time

  • That businesses encourage and recognise the value of youth social action



What we offer

  • Clear routes for businesses to engage with communities through employee volunteering, through our programmes

  • A raised profile for employee volunteering, through our Give & Gain Day of national volunteering

  • Brokerage services matching businesses with appropriate volunteering opportunities  

  • Advice and guidance on how businesses can develop their volunteering strategy


The case for business involvement

There are sound business reasons for engaging in employee volunteering to tackle social issues.  Benefits include positive effects on brand value and reputation, and the bringing to life of corporate values.  Employee volunteering builds networks through collaboration with other businesses, engages companies and suppliers and can increase a company’s chances in tendering processes.

The support of employee volunteers can make a real difference to local communities.  Many community organisations, groups and charities are experiencing a huge increase in demand for their services at the same time as being faced with cuts in public sector funding that have left them struggling to continue providing much-needed services.

Employee volunteering can provide the manpower to achieve otherwise unrealisable tasks for these organisations, help to raise the confidence and aspirations of service users, improve physical spaces, or allow in-kind savings which mean more funds can be invested in the delivery of quality services.

Engaging in volunteering also benefits employees. It can develop individual’s talent and skills and boost staff morale and loyalty.  Demonstrating your company’s commitment to community investment can also aid staff recruitment and retention.


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