Cutting dependency on diminishing natural resources and allowing for 9 billion people to lead quality lives by 2050 are key issues that responsible businesses focus on.

Our ambition is for every company to prosper by offering products and services that make a known and proportionate contribution towards the delivery of high quality and sustainable lifestyles for all the people its business model touches.

What is it?

Marketplace sustainability is about transforming business models to make them more sustainable for a changing world. In this context, every business should take action on the following key areas:

Why is it relevant to business?

Business leaders must develop their thinking and challenge conventional business models to ensure their business prospers by responding in the right way, and at the right time, to both the challenges of today’s world of 7 billion people and to the world of 9 billion people forecast for 2050; the ‘9 billion challenge’.

Those businesses that engage with the ‘9 billion challenge’ will achieve real benefits for their operations including first mover advantage, reduced costs, increased competitiveness, greater resilience and the opportunity to help shape policies and public opinion, as well as personal legacy for business leaders.


We ask

  • Think about long term global mega-trends and how they will affect your business
  • Test new ideas, products/services and business models
  • Build these new concepts across your business

We offer

  • Membership of a dynamic and interactive network of companies working together to address the 9 billion challenge
  • Bespoke consultancy to identify how best to integrate consideration of global mega-trends and sustainable solutions in your business model




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