Talent and Skills

We ask business to help through:

  • Creating first experiences of the workplace which truly inspire young people to acquire the skills that will be needed in the future.

  • Opening up more routes to employment such as apprenticeships which provide a valuable experience of the workplace as well as the vital skills to get the job done.

  • Working more closely with Jobcentre Plus by promoting vacancies through them to ensure a level playing field for everyone.

What we offer business

  • Advice and support to companies who want to work with their sector to address talent and skills shortages and remove barriers to young people

  • Practical tools to make their work experience more inspirational for young people

  • Support in designing events which bring businesses and young people together

  • Generation Talent Initiative offers dedicated support in working with Job Centre Plus

The issue

As the UK economy starts to get back on the road, two trends have emerged which threaten the speed of the recovery. One is stubbornly high youth unemployment and the other is the growing skills gap. A report by the Education and Employers Taskforce identified that shown that the more young people are exposed to the world of work while in education, the less likely they are to become unemployed.

It is the goal of the Talent & Skills campaign to ensure that more young people are supported by business to successfully move from education into their working lives. Our focus is on transforming business behaviour. To do this at scale we support businesses with free tools and event-models so they can drive our agenda through their sectors and supply chains, mobilising businesses large and small.

Workplace and employees

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Key contact

Grace Mehanna
Campaign Director, Talent and Skills

E: grace.mehanna@bitc.org.uk
T: (44) 771 1551 0435




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