The digital transformation of the UK economy is a significant opportunity to drive growth and prosperity for the betterment of both business and citizens. It also offers the chance to reduce poverty and inequalities, improve livelihoods and enable us to manage growth on a finite planet.   However, digital transformation also presents challenges to society that are only just starting to be understood.
Water – essential to your business - but how to manage the risks of supply, find new opportunities for efficiencies, and ensure you fulfill the requirements of a responsible business?
A one-day conference sharing innovative policies and practices. What will it take for inclusive growth to benefit people and places left behind by previous approaches?
Responsible business is for companies and organisations of all sizes. Join us for breakfast and learn more about the benefits of being part of the only responsible business network in Wales.
The future success of young people in Wales and the long-term sustainability of Welsh businesses are inextricably linked. Engagement with education is a business issue; the issue which will be at the heart of BITC Cymru’s first Business-Education Symposium.
Too many employers are relying on standard requirements for previous experience to help sift applicants for entry level roles with little thought about how they could more accurately assess a candidate’s potential to do the job.
To help tackle this issue, we would like to invite you to attend our workshop, kindly hosted by NHS, focusing on how you can you identify a young candidate’s potential.
On 26 June, Business in the Community, supported by the City & Guilds Group, will bring employers together to explore the challenges and opportunities of recruiting young talent in the Bristol area.  From plugging future skills gaps to retaining and attracting young people into your business; this free conference will help you to adapt your workforce planning for the next generation.
Whilst events can affect your business in the short term, it is the big issues facing our society, communities,people and environment which ultimately shape your business over the long term.
This event is one of BITC Cymru's regular Members' Forum events. These regular sessions are the main vehicle for sharing best practice with Member companies and providing opportunities to debate these and other pressing issues.
Business can be part of the solution to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Business in the Community’s Leadership Summit 2014, in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales, explored how businesses can forge a new contract with society which fulfils this social purpose and regains public trust.