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International Tourism Partnership
The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) is a credible, comprehensive framework by which hotels can measure and report their carbon footprint.

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What is the size of the prize: Building resilient supply chains fit for the future - cover
Building a responsible and sustainable supply chain involves tackling the social, environmental and economic challenges of today and tomorrow through what you buy.
Join BITC and senior international leaders on the first day of the Responsible Business Week at an exclusive conference on Sustainable Business Models, and the role of Responsible Business in a digital era.  
Resource management company Veolia's services benefit the UK population through recycling collection and delivery, water treatment and management, low carbon and renewable heat and electricity, and by providing new materials to industry.
NOTE: Date change from 11 April
Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS): Potential for Building Resilience and Managing Surface Water Charges.
Explore a new school-led approach to surface water management and see the potential for savings and benefits at a programme-scale across Greater Manchester.   
Water – essential to your business - but how to manage the risks of supply, find new opportunities for efficiencies, and ensure you fulfill the requirements of a responsible business?
The Smart Growth summit will explore the challenges and pull together thinking on how business can lead the way towards a prosperous, resilient, net zero carbon economy.
Our Sustainable Business Models course provides insights into the sustainability challenge and how this will impact your marketplace now and in the future. The session provides insights into how global megatrends are shaping business strategy, how to collaborate effectively with your supply chain and the role of customers in driving change.
Every year, pipes are blocked and sewers clogged with oils, grease and fats, costing money and causing havoc. But simply collecting the grease in a container and putting it in the bin can avoid this.
Soil, water and natural habitats are fundamental to the production of food and drinks, so it is critical that businesses work with their agricultural suppliers to nurture the health of these assets.
25 September is the first anniversary of the adoption of the ambitious UN SDGs. To effectively tackle the challenges we have, it is vital to address business and consumer models. Here you will find examples of how companies are creating sustainable business models in the context of the SDGs.