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The Marketplace agenda looks at how a company's products, services and marketing can help create a better world - and by doing so, forge a deeper connection between business and customer leading to lasting commercial success.
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The Water programmeis the first in a series of collaborations that aim to explore the issues and opportunities around providing high quality, affordable, sustainable supplies of life’s essentials – water, energy, food and connectivity.

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Responsible business is not about how a company spends its money, on philanthropy or good causes. It’s about how it treats the planet, employees, suppliers and the communities that give them their license to operate fairly and inclusively for all.
Responsible Business Week 2017: The Prince’s Responsible Business Network, in association with Responsible Investor, warmly invites you to discuss "Are Responsible Investors able to change the financial system, and what evidence is there that they are making it work for all?"
With customers seeking more from investments than ever before, the investment industry increasingly sees that purpose equals profit, with more and more investors recognising the returns to be had from the growth of sustainable products and services. But how are investors innovating market solutions, as well as working collaboratively to change the system? How far are these efforts going to create transformative change? What more is there to be done?
Leading the debate on creating an inclusive digital future for all, Amanda Mackenzie, Business in the Community CEO will be joined by Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary and Carolyn Fairbairn Director General of the CBI, for a panel debate on ensuring we put people at the heart of how business transforms in response to digital disruption. We will also launch a new report on how we can shape the agenda for responsible business in the digital age.
Jaguar Land Rover, in partnership with Business in the Community, invite leaders to discuss the importance of having purpose for your business, which goes towards improving society, engaging customers, colleagues and spurring innovation.
This toolkit identifies nine hallmarks of truly purpose-driven brands. It includes the business case for purpose, how to discover and embed it and guidance on what good purpose statements look like.
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Our Sustainable Business Models course provides insights into the sustainability challenge and how this will impact your marketplace now and in the future. The session provides insights into how global megatrends are shaping business strategy, how to collaborate effectively with your supply chain and the role of customers in driving change.