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arc: building better business is a service connecting social enterprises with expert support and business opportunities to help them grow.
Senior business leaders go on a Seeing is Believing visit on Tuesday 7 March in Leeds to learn more about the value of social enterprises. Led by Charlotte Cool, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs at ASDA, attendees learnt the importance of working in collaboration with social enterprises to ensure a thriving, inclusive society.
Business in the Community has today partnered with Accenture to launch a new report challenging business to be part of creating an inclusive digital revolution.
Interim findings at the end of Year Two from our report into the culture change generated by Business Connectors on secondment into their communities with BITC.
Beyond Business is a social enterprise incubation programme run by specialist bank and asset manager Investec in partnership with the Bromley by Bow Centre. The programme nurtures east London businesses which have a positive social impact. 
Big businesses commit to a challenge set by Social Enterprise UK to spend £1billion with social enterprises by 2020.
Carillion have been one of the Business Connector programme’s most significant seconding organisations. Since joining the programme in 2011, they have seconded eight of their talented employees to work in local communities of greatest need in England.
Business in the Community member RBS has opened a new Entrepreneurial Centre at its global Headquarters in Edinburgh. The Centre, that opened its doors last week, is a partnership between RBS and Entrepreneurial Spark - a successful start-up business accelerator programme.