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The CommunityMark planter
The CommunityMark is the UK’s only national standard that publically recognises excellence in community investment.

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Community investment is more than just charitable giving. It’s about supporting those communities most in need, with time, skills, money and expertise, and linking it to your business strategy.
A training aimed at business practitioners looking to gain more insight on measuring social impact.
Linklaters’ global community investment programme seeks to ensure that all members of staff are acting as trusted advisers, valued colleagues, engaged professionals, and good neighbours. The firm has demonstrated a sound global strategy which provides a framework for its global community investment activities, while also being flexible enough to work with local communities to address local issues.
By putting people and community at the heart of everything it does, Ecclesiastical has succeeded in being reaccredited with the CommunityMark.
London Stansted Airport has a strong and comprehensive model for engaging with local and regional stakeholders in order to understand and address community needs.
Since achieving CommunityMark recognition in 2013, Wates Group has launched its long-term framework for sustainability, Reshaping Tomorrow. One of the pillars of this strategy, Tomorrow’s Communities, focuses on working in partnership to unlock potential and leave a lasting legacy in the communities in which Wates works.
HEINEKEN has been doing more to engage colleagues in sustainability and partnerships. This Report is published in the words of HEINEKEN colleagues who are bringing the company’s commitments to life.
This summer, the ClickSilver programme celebrates its third year after support from Business in the Community (BITC) member, Capital One helped the programme grow to help both young and old people in the city.
TD Direct’s community investment focus is to ‘help people help themselves to prosper’, especially in the Leeds and Greater Manchester areas through local grants and mentoring in schools.  Its support of Castleton primary school showed an average improvement of 7.5 months in a child’s reading age. 50% of TD Direct’s employees are involved in volunteering activities.
Zurich Insurance UK, working with the company's charitable arm the Zurich Community Trust, has demonstrated application of the five principles of good community investment through their robust systems of delivering and measuring impact, partnerships and engagement of key stakeholders.