Social Enterprise Mentoring Programme

Social Enterprise Mentoring gives experienced business leaders the opportunity to use their skills to support social entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and help create the jobs of tomorrow.

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I find the experience extremely rewarding on two levels. First, I feel pride that I’m working with an organisation that operates in a sector I feel passionately about. Second, I am developing myself as a coach, mentor, listener and guide. Listening to ideas and developing a mutually rewarding business relationship is challenging, but it’s a lot of fun too.

- Tariq,
Mentor, Barclays
The benefits are reciprocal with mentors having the scope to learn more about different business models and ways of working that may have applicability to their day-to-day work with clients, whilst broadening their life experience.

Social Entrepreneurs gain an understanding of a commercial environment, but also have someone to give an external, unbiased perspective to their business strategies. More than 70% of this year’s social entrepreneurs have seen an improvement of their productivity and have got additional market/business opportunities as a result of 6 months of mentoring.

There are 280,000 social enterprises in the UK, contributing £55 billion to the UK economy and employing approximately 975,000 people1. Moreover the number of social enterprises that expect an increase in employees in the next 12 months is doubled when compared with SMEs2.

The Social Enterprise Mentoring programme was set up in 2010 and now works with different member companies to grow the movement of support for Social Enterprises. Participants include Lloyds, RBS and Mott MacDonald.


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