BITC Cymru Roundtable - Taking on the best and making a difference


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Eversheds LLP
1 Callaghan Square
Cardiff CF10 5BT

BITC Cymru and The Royal British Legion in Wales are convening a roundtable event to consider the ways in which responsible businesses in Wales can start making their organisations more ready to recruit ex-service personnel and veterans.

Research from the Legion shows that working age veterans in the UK are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as their civilian contemporaries, despite a growing marketplace of job opportunities In Wales there are an estimated 310,000 members of the ex-service community with an additional 75,000 dependant children. The annual population survey states there are approximately 149,000 veterans in Wales with 58,000 being of working age.

There is a huge talent pool for business to access and our event in March will consider some of the actions companies can take to start accessing these individuals.

By working together and making changes, businesses can access:

  • Skilled and experienced team leaders
  • Individuals used to operating in high-pressure, fast-paced environments
  • People imbued with a sense of loyalty to their team and organisation

Further, in addition to the over 200 trades and different skill sets represented in the UK Armed Forces, service personnel also received additional, advanced training in technical roles including engineering, project management, logistics and IT; expertise ex-service personnel can bring directly into the world of business.

So please attend, discuss the issue, commit to act, lead the way and promote the role business has in addressing this challenge in Wales.

Please note this is an invitation only event for BITC Cymru Members and special guests. If you are interested in attending, or finding out about the work of BITC Cymru or the Royal British Legion, please contact