A brand with purpose: building trust through a sustainable commercial strategy


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Aviva Digital Garage
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This course examines the business case for being a purpose-driven brand, provides the tools to authentically embed purpose into commercial activities, and enables action planning to bring together cross-functional departments and effectively drive change.

Course description:

This one day training workshop will aim to expand your knowledge of how cross functional departments can work together to deliver purpose within your organisation. We will examine the business case for being a purpose-driven brand, giving you the tools to authentically embed purpose into commercial activities, building on a purpose plan of action for your business to effectively drive change. The guest speaker is David Schofield, Group Head of Corporate Responsibility at Aviva’


The operating environment for business is complex and challenging, and customer trust is at an all-time low. Forward-thinking companies combine responsible business and core business strategy to help them innovate and satisfy changing customer needs.  They do this through great products and services that people aspire to, and bold marketing campaigns that engage customers in positive change.

Mounting evidence shows businesses that stand for solving societal challenges are performing well – in terms of market growth, meeting changing customer needs and getting the most out of their employees.   However, there can be a disconnect between ambition and reality, and some organisations struggle to have their responsible business strategy flow through to customer experience.


This course will be of most benefit to participants who:

  • Have a role in development and delivery of wider business strategy, or takes the lead in driving their own departments strategy

  • Have an intermediate understanding of purpose, are ambitious to develop their skills and desire to drive a best practice approach to embedding purpose within their company

  • Work for a company which has or is developing a purpose strategy

Those with strategic influence:

  • CR Managers / heads of 

  • Brand / PR / Marketing managers / heads of

  • Strategic heads / exec directors in charge of strategy

  • HR managers / heads of 


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How to Book:

To reserve a place on this course please contact Muhsen Ahmed on 020 7566 8794.  Discounts may be available for delegates from SMEs with fewer than 250 employees.