Ensuring an Inclusive Digital Revolution Learning Forums


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1 Churchill Place Canary Wharf
London E14 5HP

Learn how industry leaders are tackling digital disruption and the ways they are facing the challenges and opportunities of being a responsible business in a digital world. Hear directly from business disruptors, financial institutions, the retail industry as well as issue experts how to harness the good and minimise the risk of digital. Join this dynamic atmosphere to meet, share, network and learn with leading experts, like minded peers, business leaders, and our invited speakers.

Nearly every industry in the world is currently being impacted by the rapidly paced, ever changing Digital Revolution. Join our dynamic Learning Forums to hear directly from industry leaders how to ‘ensure an inclusive digital revolution’ and meet, share, network and learn with leading experts, like minded peers, and our invited speakers.

The sessions, each an hour and a half, fall under three streams Future of Work, Trust & Transparency and Resilient Communities.  Each session will be led by issue experts from companies within The Prince’s Responsible Network and BitC, all who are leading the way towards responsible and sustainable business practices.


Future of Work

  • New Business Models: How is technology changing the job opportunities across industries and what can businesses do to succeed in these rapidly evolving times?

  • Future Skills: What are the skills individuals need to progress professionally and how can business and government support the advancement of current and future employees? 

  • Non Traditional Incentives: Why better work life balance and flexible incentives create success both for business and personal goals.


Trust & Transparency

  • Supply Chain Transparency:  The crucial role of transparency to the ability to build and regain trust

  • Employee Engagement: With employees being hailed as the most trusted spokespeople, how can business must make sure it connects people with information, fosters stronger collaborations and facilitate knowledge?


Resilient Communities

  • Smart Cities: How are cities using digital solutions to address sustainability challenges posed by modern cities?

  • Shared Value Partnerships: Creating Impactful Share Value Partnerships

  • High Street Revitalisation 



Audience:  This event is for practitioner level attendees.

This event is being run with generous support from Barclays.