Seeing is Believing led by James Timpson, Chief Executive of Timpson


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Reducing re-offending through business action

This Seeing is Believing visit will be led by James Timpson, Chief Executive of Timpson to bring to life the actions that can be taken by business leaders to bring about change in the society and highlight how a more strategic approach to ‘Reducing re-offending through business action’ can act as competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In the UK alone more than 85,000 people are in prison and 10.5 million people in the UK have a criminal record.  Re-offending is a critical issue for our society, estimated to cost the UK £13 billion per year, with 60% of short term prisoners re-offending within a year of release, but we know that employment reduces the likelihood of re-offending by up to 50%.  Providing access to employment opportunities helps to reduce the cycle of re-offending by giving people an alternative to the revolving door of prison. 

This unique experience will highlight how businesses are taking action to tackle the recruitment gap and build new talent pipelines for their business by unlocking employment opportunities for people who want to leave a criminal past behind. Collectively we as businesses have the power to help people overcome disadvantages such as past convictions by increasing access to worthwhile and sustainable employment.

Timpson’s ex-offender programme has helped recruit loyal and effective employees through a sustained programme working with local prisons. This Seeing is Believing visit, which includes a visit to local prisons, will give you an opportunity to gain first hand insight into this issue and explore further how business can be part of the solution.

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