Seeing is Believing visit: Creating jobs by supporting enterprise growth


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Charlotte Cool, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, ASDA will lead this Seeing is Believing visit to look at how businesses can support social enterprise growth and job creation. The visit will showcase ASDA's work around supply chain and employee engagement.

Asda logoSocial enterprises are where the action is - they generate more than £24 billion annually for the UK economy and employ nearly one million people.  And their impact extends beyond their immediate employees and customers to social and environmental benefits that ripple across society. They are also creating jobs for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Despite this huge contribution to the UK economy, they continue to face enormous challenges in scaling-up, access to finance and supply chain opportunities. Businesses cannot underestimate the contribution of social enterprises to the UK economy. If social enterprises thrive, this benefits the society and plays an essential role in creating sustainable benefits for the private sector, their employees and customers.

This Seeing is Believing visit will give delegates the opportunity to gain first hand insight into the social and environmental benefits that social enterprises bring to the UK economy, the enormous challenge that they continue to face and the importance for businesses to work in collaboration with them to ensure a thriving, inclusive society.

For more information about this visit, contact Blessing Buraimoh