Seeing is Believing visit: Natural capital: the value and risk to your business


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A Seeing is Believing event that will explore a range of natural capital issues that are pertinent to businesses.

Delegates will meet business experts to demonstrate how organisations are already understanding the value of the natural capital, and how they are working to ensure this is a sustainable resource

The event will take place in the water catchment area of the Cam, Ely and Ouse rivers, three visits will be included in the event demonstrating, how natural capital is protected within direct operations, protecting natural capital within the supply chain and understanding the value to business.

For more information about the visit please contact Chelsie Riley

This event is kindly supported by DEFRA through the Business in the Community Healthy Ecosystems project. Visit led by Nestle.

A new Business in the Community Practical Economics paper on natural capital will also be presented at a leadership dinner. Click here to find out more.