Smart Water Knowledge Swap


Time: to

8 Fitzroy Street
London W1T 4BQ

Water – essential to your business - but how to manage the risks of supply, find new opportunities for efficiencies, and ensure you fulfill the requirements of a responsible business?

Attend the Smart Water Knowledge Swap to:

  • Explore every area of water management essential to your business

  • Hear from people who are already making a difference

  • Take time for you to share your challenges, ask for advice, and enjoy your successes, in a friendly and supportive environment


Speakers include Nestle, WWF, Adnams, WRAP, Anglian Water and other case studies and experts featured in the acclaimed Business in the Community Smart Water report.


Sessions will be structured around the Smart Water six steps for good water stewardship:

  1. Understand your relationship with water – Analyse the water use in your business, understand where best to focus your activity

  2. Create a plan of action - See Adnams full lifecycle analysis of water and how this has helped drive better business decisions

  3. Manage water sustainably in your operations – Identify water efficiencies with the Future Water Association, and a range of leading business case studies

  4. Work with your agricultural suppliers – Hear Nestle’s latest work supporting farmers to reduce water impact, and learn from Anglian Water’s successful ‘Slug it Out’ campaign that changed farmer behaviour

  5. Build resilience to flooding and water shortages –  WWF’s partnership with the Coca-Cola Company is making a difference for their business and the environment

  6. Collaborate on sustainable water management – your business is dependent on other water users in your catchment area, meet the businesses making this work and the organisations that can help you

This workshop is funded by DEFRA through the Healthy Ecosystems programme.