Tax Transparency: to whom and for what purpose?


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Join PwC and BITC for this workshop on tax transparency - a vital reputational issue for companies in the modern connected world.

The modern, connected world offers huge opportunity to engage and build trusted relationships, both inside and outside your business.  Tax for companies is a part of this as it has become a reputational issue, and is increasingly viewed as a measure of a company’s contribution to the communities in which it operates and as a reflection of a business’s broader values and purpose. There are also calls for more transparency, and while corporation tax generates a relatively small part of our overall government revenues, the focus in the public domain still tends to be on corporation tax paid by companies.  

Register your interest for this workshop on tax transparency to walk you through the latest developments and drivers for tax transparency, so that you can determine strategically whether your business would benefit from increased public disclosures. 

This discussion will give an opportunity to consider where the tax transparency debate might go next (as new legislation was recently introduced) and how companies might respond to the demands for more tax transparency, including a look at Total Tax Contribution. 

Your external relations, corporate responsibility and finance/tax departments will benefit from understanding the key themes around these issues.