FTSE 100 Public Reporting of Wellbeing and Engagement 2014

The results and findings of BITC's 2014 FTSE100 Wellbeing and Engagement report.
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Key findings
  • Whilst progress is slow for many, it is encouraging to see progress being made, with some significant advances by those that have really recognised the importance of public reporting on engagement and wellbeing.
  • All the FTSE 100 companies report something, with 86% touching on four or five themes. However, few report in depth.
  • The strongest segments are ‘Better work’, ‘Better physical and psychological health’ and ‘Working well’. All show increases from 2013.
  • Reporting on risk-based/compliance issues - Health and Safety (H&S) and Diversity and Inclusion – is particularly strong.
  • The weakest segment continues to be ‘Specialist support’.

Reporting publicly against the Workwell model gives companies the opportunity to demonstrate that they are taking a sustainable approach to human capital management.

- Dr Paul Litchfield,
Chief Medical Officer and Director of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, BT Group
Since 2007, BITC's Workwell Campaign has been complementing Responsible Business Benchmarking with additional year on year research into FTSE100 public reporting trends on employee wellness and engagement. This work was initiated in response to recognition from businesses and investors of the importance of transparency about employee management, meeting their demands for a more rigorous approach to measuring best practice.

Working with the BITC Workwell Steering Group, Towers Watson have developed a questionnaire which covers all five elements of the Workwell model.In total, 25 questions were used to gather information on companies’public reporting. The Steering group is composed of BITC members who have provided thought leadership and overall direction for BITC’s Public Reporting

All FTSE100 companies have been asked to take part in the process, which has been based on publically available information and assessed by Towers Watson on behalf of BITC. This report shows the results, highlighting exemplar companies.


Download 1.93 MB