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Generation Talent called on all UK businesses to make their recruitment processes more accessible and transparent to young people entering the jobs market. Building on two years of successful work with Generation Talent, Business in the Community has now launched Future Proof, a new campaign to help businesses break down the barriers in their recruitment processes and create quality and accessible jobs for all young people.

About the programme

Generation Talent was a youth employment campaign launched by BITC at the height of the economic downturn. The campaign engaged 130 companies over two years and resulted in 124,000 job vacancies being made visible to young unemployed people through the Jobcentre.

Yet, despite rising youth employment, young people are still facing significant barriers in recruitment. We surveyed 4,000 young people, aged 18 to 24, and found that 1 in 3 respondents found the process of applying for jobs difficult, of those 44% lost confidence and 1 in 4 said it made them less likely to apply for other jobs.

Significant government policy changes such as the Apprenticeship Levy mean that businesses are now having to rethink how they recruit young people. This is an opportunity for businesses to break down the barriers in their recruitment processes and why have launched the Future Proof campaign, backed by the City & Guilds Group.

Building on two years of successful work, the Future Proof campaign will now continue the work of Generation Talent. Future Proof will continue to build on and extend the great work that Generation Talent has achieved on breaking down the barriers for young people in employment.

The Generation Talent Self-Assessment Tool has now been updated and renamed - as the Youth Employment Assessment Tool. The questionnaire has now been extended to more cover youth employment strategies more broadly through the areas Inspire, Hire and Grow.

We encourage all businesses to complete this new tool to assess whether and how they are creating quality and accessible jobs for all young people.

Self Assessment Tool

This short questionnaire will give you a snapshot of how your company is doing on this agenda. It will provide you with a bespoke report which assesses your company’s existing recruitment practices and identifies areas where your organisation can do more.

Resource centre

Our resources include:

Recruitment practices        Relationships

Work experience                Jobcentre Plus


Take action

  1. Reassess your recruitment channels and criteria for entry level jobs

  2. Provide transparent recruitment processes

  3. Offer feedback to interviewed candidates

Get involved

  • Start by using the short Self-assessment tool we will then use your results to provide additional assistance

  • Advertise your roles through Jobcentre Plus - by working with us, you can access a bespoke account management service from Jobcentre Plus

Generation Talent

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