About Give & Gain Day

Business in the Community's Give & Gain Day is the UK’s only national day of employee volunteering. Now in its seventh year, it will see thousands of people from hundreds of companies volunteering on Friday 20th May, although activity is also welcomed throughout the week of the 16th.

Give and Gain Day 2015 Infographic

Give & Gain Day is a celebration of the incredible power of employee volunteering. Businesses across the UK are driven by legions of skilled and experienced staff, while community organisations, social enterprises, and schools across the country can benefit from the support of business volunteers. By getting unprecedented numbers of people out volunteering across the UK and internationally, we’re championing the talent and energy found in business and the role it can play in helping communities prosper.

Companies of all shapes and sizes already support their community through volunteering. They help young people and vulnerable groups, budding entrepreneurs, charities and community organisations, to problem solve, develop skills, build confidence, maintain and expand their services. Give & Gain Day is an opportunity for BITC, businesses, community organisations and schools to celebrate what business volunteers can achieve.

Taking part is simple. You can either organise your own volunteering activity or we’ll organise something for you. Find out more about how to take part.