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Our gender equality campaign aims to increase women's success at work, because it is good for business and good for society. We work to to share and inspire best practice and to give employers and their people the tools to drive change.

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The appetite for accelerating change towards a better gender balance at all levels of a company has never been greater. Achieving this is proving much harder, however. By working together through Opportunity Now, we can better identify the issues that remain, share real levers of change and improve the rate of progress to the point where both businesses and women truly benefit.

- Helena Morrissey,
CEO of Newton Investment Management and chair of gender equality leadership team

Diversity is good for business. It should not be seen as just the right thing to do. Barriers to women's progress in the workplace must be tackled if every individual is to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

  • Women have to balance work and family: 82% of women recognise this as a barrier but just 54% of men
  • Women are seen as less committed to work because they often have family commitments: 57% of women recognise this as a barrier but just 20% of men
  • Lack of senior or visibly successful female role model: 52% of women recognise this as a barrier but just 26% of men
  • Stereotyping and preconceptions of women's roles and abilities: 49% of women recognise this as a barrier but just 14% of men
  • Personal style differences: 48% of women recognise this as a barrier but just 21% of men

Our aims

We’ve defined three priorities that are critical to business, to help achieve the potential of people, teams and organisations

  • A better gender balance for leadership progression
  • Unbiased recognition and reward for all
  • Agile work cultures that are fit for the future

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Leadership Team

The gender equality leadership team is a group of senior executives from member companies who provide strategic guidance in establishing agreed campaign objectives that will be of benefit to the workplace and society



Project 28-40

We listened to 25,000 people via the UK's biggest survey on women at work and the
findings are now ready to read and download.

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