The Prince's Seeing is Believing

Established in 1990 by HRH The Princes of Wales, Seeing is Believing was born from a simple but powerful idea – to close the gap between the boardroom and the community.

The Prince’s Seeing is Believing brings together senior business leaders, enabling them to gain first hand insight into pressing social and environmental issues.

Business leaders are given a unique opportunity to meet extraordinary people, collaborate across sectors and learn from their peers. The programme provides a platform to support leaders in developing practical solutions which inspire change, creating a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

25 years, 9,000 business leaders

With more than 25 years' experience and an alumni network of over 9,000 business leaders, the programme has proved to be a powerful and enduring process for supporting businesses to think and act differently.

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Seeing is Believing is designed to bring about change by engaging senior business leaders who set the vision for some of the country’s most powerful businesses.

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The business case

Leaders at all levels need to appreciate how current and future social, economic and environmental forces impact not only their business but the communities in which they operate.

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