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The competitiveness of the UK depends on us having the most capable and talented people in our workplaces – we are only going to achieve this if we broaden our definition of talent and strive to create workplaces that work for all. Change needs to come from the top and it is pale, males in leadership positions such as myself who have a responsibility to champion this change.

- James Smith,
Chairman of Shell UK Limited
Race for Opportunity works towards a more balanced and proportionate representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people at all levels within the workforce. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is not a matter of political correctness – it is an essential part of modern business.

Career progression should be based on merit. People from all backgrounds and walks of life should know that they will be able to progress in an organisation in line with their talents and commitment. Yet we know that the reality in the workplace is very different.

As Race for Opportunity showed in its report, Race to the Top , our British black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers are simply not gaining the share of management or senior level jobs that their population would justify. Understanding why this is the case will be a major step forward to ending this inequality.


Our Aims

Race for Opportunity stands for diverse leadership on boards and at senior level, diverse representation and progression in the workplace and the reduction of ethnic minority youth unemployment.

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Campaign Diary

The Race for Opportunity campaign diary highlights events attended by Sandra Kerr OBE, campaign director and important dates for the campaign.

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Leadership Team

The Race for Opportunity leadership team is a group of senior executives from member organisations who provide strategic guidance in establishing agreed campaign objectives that will be of benefit to the workplace and society.

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