Tools & Frameworks

We produce a number of tools and frameworks that help businesses integrate responsible business practice.
See how your company is engaging with the talent hidden by unemployment. This short questionnaire will give you a snapshot of how your company is doing on this agenda and provide top tips to support you. The resulting report will assess your company’s existing recruitment...
Updated: April 2014
Leadership Insight is our new online resource, developed with Mckinsey and The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, which helps business leaders navigate the plethora of organisations, collaborations, metrics, reports and research, supporting you to create value in the...
Updated: February 2014
The Sustainable Business Toolkit provides practical guidance on how companies can create and test new innovative ideas that deliver commercial, environmental and social benefit. Read more
Updated: November 2013
To start doing things differently, business leaders need to start having different conversations. Read more
Updated: July 2013
For 9 billion people to have access to a good quality of life in 2050, we need to change what citizens perceive as high quality living, as well as changing products, services and business models. High quality lives need a thriving resilient economy that works in the context of...
Updated: April 2013
The CR or Corporate Responsibility Index helps identify gaps for improvement and reinforces good practice, track progress over time and drive continuous improvement, benchmark performance against peers and leading practice and engage board members and raise awareness of CR...
Updated: February 2013
Community footprint
A community footprint is made up of the difference a company makes to the local economy, local people and locality it works in. Business in the Community is currently developing tools to help companies measure the impact they make on their communities. ...
Updated: February 2013
The ENGAGE Toolkit is designed to help you develop an Employee Community Engagement (ECE) programme for your company internationally. Read more
Updated: January 2013
Categories: Volunteering
The frequency and intensity of disasters will increase over the coming decades, and globalisation means the impacts of those disasters on business are increasingly evident. Business is now being called upon to scale up its response to such events by internal and external...
Updated: October 2012
Categories: Resilience & Recovery
People checking a clipboard in a shop-lined street
The Responsible Business Check Up identifies gaps in your company's CR provision, benchmarks it against similar companies, allows tracking of progress, and provides direction and guidance on developing a strategic approach to integrating CR throughout your operations...
Updated: October 2012




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