About the CommunityMark

The CommunityMark is the UK’s only national standard that publically recognises excellence in community investment.

CommunityMark companies take a holistic approach to community investment, which means they are good from the inside, out. The CommunityMark is not an award – it is an independent, 360-degree, rigorous assessment process that defines innovators and leaders in community investment.

Open to companies in the UK of all sizes and sectors, this national standard has been developed by Business in the Community in consultation with the private, public and voluntary sector bodies. The CommunityMark challenges companies to minimise their negative and maximise their positive impact on society through an assessment process that recognises milestones on the way to achieving long term sustainable benefits to both business and the community.

The questions in the survey are built around the five principles of community investment excellence.  Download a document showing how these principles relate to the survey criteria.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about who can apply for the CommunityMark.

Who are the CommunityMark achievers?

41 companies currently hold the CommunityMark. Since July 2008, 52 companies have achieved the CommunityMark. They include our 20 pioneers many of whom have succesfully renewed their standard of excellence. The CommunityMark achievers are exemplars of best practice across five principles of community investment. Please read their case studies to find out more about what excellence in community investment looks like.

Background to the CommunityMark

The CommunityMark was launched in October 2007. Find out more about the development of the CommunityMark.