Our priorities

Across the region, we engage businesses on local issues, taking positive action to create a fairer society and more sustainable future.

Although perceived as an affluent region, there are significant pockets of deprivation throughout the South East. Seaside resorts and towns and cities along the costal fringe of the region score significantly below regional and national averages on indices of multiple deprivation.

Key issues in the South East



A street in Oxford. BITC work in this city among others in the South East.Many towns and cities across the region face significant challenges with regards to education. Whilst being home to a diverse mix of industries including technology, maritime, and digital many employers have warned of future skills shortages. 

Whilst two of Oxfordshire’s five districts are amongst the most affluent in the country, the county also has ten areas in the bottom ten per cent in terms of child poverty. This contrast has influenced the performance of schools, in particular, some schools in the city of Oxford.  Beneath the dreaming spires are pockets of low aspiration and poor educational performance.


Despite having some of the highest employment rates in the UK some residents across the region face significant challenges in accessing good, sustainable employment. Many coastal towns are reliant on seasonal employment whilst student populations increase competition for entry level jobs in other major towns and cities.  

Brighton seafront. BITC South East work to address social in this city.

In Brighton & Hove the employment rate for those with low or no skills is low at 53% (a third lower than average in the city). Nearly one in four children live in ‘out of work’ households,  it’s therefore vital that employers take action in inspiring young people about the world of work.


The South East region has some of the highest levels of self-employment and business start-ups. In areas of deprivation the establishment of social enterprises can deliver lasting social benefits in regenerating local communities.


Employers across the region can play a key role to actively support staff wellbeing and use their positive influence to improve the health of the wider community.  With such a vast variety of needs across the region we offer a range of practical activities and events to engage employees.

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