Business Connectors in the South East

The national Business Connectors programme aims to increase the positive impact of business in local communities by harnessing expertise from business to tackle local needs.

In the South East, Business Connectors are helping us scale up our support to local communities and address the urgent challenges on our doorstep, building capacity and developing sustainable relationships at grass roots level in some of the region's most disadvantaged communities.

Much of their work will involve leveraging private sector support for organisations focusing on local education, enterprise, employment or social cohesion.

The Business Connector Co-ordinator for the South East is Andy Melia –

For more information go to the national Business Connector pages.

Latest news and blogs about Business Connectors in the South East

David Farmer Business Connector

Farmer's view: A Business Connector explores how business can forge closer partnerships with the voluntary sector

After 40 years of service at Halifax, branch manager David Farmer became Southampton's second Bus...

Updated: February 2016
Business Connector Hastings

Hastings schoolchildren walk to work

The first in a series of educational walks encouraging schoolchildren to learn about the world of work has launched in Hastings, with Business Connector Martin Yeandle playing a key role in its creation.

Working Ways, which began last month, brought together 12 local retailers and as many schools for...

Updated: July 2015

Building responsible business partnerships during RB week

As part of Responsible Business Week 2015, Business in the Community South of England hosted a workshop on how to build responsible business partnerships. The event was attended by 21 local representatives from the voluntary and private sectors, all of whom had different...

The event was opened by David Farmer, Business Connector for Southampton who gave an insight into...

Updated: April 2015
Business Connector Steve Randall with HLPP staff Sabrina Richards and Helen Downing-Emms

All in the Connection - Hilsea Lido SOS

Steve Randall, Business Connector for Portsmouth seconded by Sainsbury's, has been building partnerships between the public, private and voluntary sectors since the start of his secondment in April 2013. During Responsible Business Week he is set to embark on his biggest...

We caught up with Steve to hear more about this project, and why he thinks local businesses shoul...

Updated: February 2014
Gavin Bounds, Chief Operating Officer, Fujitsu, on a Seeing is Believing visit

If you value your employees - let them go.

Gavin Bounds, Chief Operating Officer, Fujitsu tells us why seconding some of his best people out...

Updated: February 2014
New Business Connectors after training

New Business Connectors get to work

11 new Business Connectors from six companies are starting their secondments in communities across the UK this month after receiving training from Business in the Community.

Business Connectors are talented individuals from business who are seconded to BITC to work in co...

Updated: October 2013


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