Employee volunteering in London and the South East

Employee volunteering, where staff donate time and skills during work hours to tackle local social issues, is an effective and powerful way for businesses to invest in their people and local communities.

We offer a range of volunteering programmes across London and the South East to inspire companies to work together to tackle key social issues. Our vision is to make employee volunteering normal practice within business.

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Business benefits

  • Aligns with staff training & development

  • Supports recruitment & staff retention

  • Enhances reputation & credibility

  • Boosts staff morale and work performance

  • Local communities served across London, the South East and nationally

Community benefit

  • Build capacity

  • Support mission delivery

  • Tackle social issues

  • Access to skilled volunteers

  • Long-term partnership

  • Engage with business support

What do we offer in London and the South East?

Why work with Business in the Community?

  • Easy to take part in activities with a variety of options to support you in achieving key objectives

  • Understanding of how Employee Volunteering fits into your broader Community Investment and CSR programmes.

  • Over 30 years’ knowledge and experience of delivering employee volunteering

  • 94.42% of employee volunteers said the experience with BITC met or exceeded their expectations

  • Understanding of Business needs and bespoke opportunities

  • Large network of community partners

  • Experience of monitoring & evaluating impacts

  • Knowledge of legislation and policy

  • Link Employee Volunteering with skills development


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