Tackling Education in the South East

Ensuring the region’s future workforce is ready for work is a key priority in the South East. Although widely regarded as the richest and most economically successful part of the UK, the region contains many pockets of significant educational under-achievement. These frequently lie close to major business hubs, making school/business partnerships a very effective way of tackling this issue.

Students at Cobham Engineering

What we offer in the South East

Our tailored programmes across the area allow us to identify the needs of local schools, which in turn provide employers with a menu of employee engagement opportunities.  From providing two or three employees to mentor a group of young people to running a workshop on budgeting; businesses are able to share their skills and expertise whilst up skilling both their current and future workforce.

In each of the main areas we operate we encourage collaboration between local partners. This enables businesses to pool resources which allow for cost savings and efficiencies in delivering projects.  Employees also benefit from networking with peers from other local businesses whilst delivering a benefit to their local communities. Each of our programmes allow engaged businesses to share best practice and overcome broader CR challenges at quarterly meetings organised by Business in the Community.

Our education programmes are currently active in the following areas:

  • Brighton

  • Leatherhead

  • Oxford

  • Portsmouth

  • Reading

  • Southampton

For further information on how your business can help us in preventing social background predicting a young person's success at school and beyond please contact Gunther Jancke, Head of Education (England South).


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