Business Class

Business Class is a tried and tested programme developed by Business in the Community to build lasting partnerships between businesses and schools in Wales.

Dosbarth Busnes - Business Class Cymru

Partnerships based firmly on the needs of schools and the priorities of businesses will transform the life chances of young people and develop talented employees for the future.

By bringing businesses and schools together in a structured way and setting them a programme based on their specific established needs, Business Class improves young people’s understanding of the world of work, their awareness of career choices and hones their employability skills. 

We've already built over 80 partnerships in Wales, but we are planning further expansion of the programme, so there’s a great chance that your business could get involved. 

Business-school partnerships

Business Class is designed to create a mutually beneficial partnership for school and business. In addition to the school completing a needs analysis in order to determine their priorities and needs, Careers Wales will also work with your business to identify its
main business objectives and priorities.

This will enable you to focus any support that you provide to the school based on their needs, with activity that will also support you as a business to help meet those objectives.

Business Class can, for example, provide learning and development opportunities for staff; improve morale, team working and company loyalty; and enhance recruitment by establishing direct links with education and the future workforce. Similarly, the Business Class cluster approach enables effective
networking and best practice sharing with other local
businesses, as well as profile opportunities.

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#BusinessClass on film

Who better to tell us about the benefits of Business Class than the partners themselves? The team at Business in the Community (BITC) Cymru is currently putting together a series of films featuring some of the schools and businesses about their involvement and what they gain from it.

Castell Howell Foods and Ysgol Maes y Gwendraeth 

More films about the positive impacts that #BusinessClass (#DosbarthBusnes) is having across Wales will be added in the coming weeks.

A few facts about Business Class:

  • Its UK reach is significant – Over 450 schools have been involved in Business Class, supported by 1,000 businesses (33% of whom are SMEs), impacting on 140,000 young people across the UK to date.

  • It invites collaboration – Business Class partnerships collaborate through a unique ‘cluster’ mechanism which is an effective way to network, develop and share ideas and achieve shared goals.

  • It adopts a holistic approach – Support isn’t just on employability and curriculum support. Activities reflect the needs of the school and the offer of each individual business, equipping young people with the skills and experience they need to build successful working lives.

  • It’s long term – businesses and schools commit to work together for a minimum three year period.

Want to know more? Please contact Head of Business Class in Wales Rebecca Falvey or 029 2078 0059.


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