Waste to Wealth Summit: Rethinking resources for the 21st Century

Thursday 22 November 2018

Our economy generates waste that we need to dispose of, rather than managing resources across lifecycles to deliver maximum value. This is undermining our planet’s ability to support us. Governments and the Investor Community are waking up to the risks and starting to act. As a result, business must rapidly transition to a model that makes the best use of resources across the lifecycle of products and services to remain successful and enable the communities they serve to thrive. 

Business in the Community believes that the opportunities are huge. 

We are calling on The Prince’s Responsible Business Network to lead the way, through practical individual action and game-changing collaborative innovation. As a business leader who can make a real impact, we invite you to join us and our VVIP guests at our Waste to Wealth Summit on 22 November.  

To enable the UK to prosper in an uncertain world we need to make the most of the opportunities the Government has outlined in the Industrial Strategy, 25 Year Environment Plan and forthcoming Resources and Waste Strategy. Business leadership that changes the way energy, water and materials are both valued and managed during production, consumption and at the end of life for their products and services will be critical. Rethinking the resources you use and how you use them to make sure they are fit for purpose and get maximum value across the full lifecycle of your products and services will also be critical. 

Another key aspect will be redesigning and innovating, working across your value chain and supporting suppliers and customers to play their part in ending waste. Tackling shared challenges that will make a step change in the productivity of the whole system, creating consistent and compelling messages to help individuals do the right thing, and supporting action in the places where you operate to maximise benefits at a local level are all examples of how we will transform waste into wealth.

What to expect 

  • Explore what a blueprint for 21st century resource-led value creation, rather than waste driven problem generation, will look like for production, consumption and end of life
  • Understand the role of business leadership in driving the transformation through innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The opportunity to see the benefits of turning your business’ Waste to Wealth brought to life
  • Commit to a challenging call to action – put your business at the forefront of the transition and collaborate with other leaders within your sector and beyond 
  • Network with senior representatives from BITC, Government NGOs and Academics  

Date: Thursday 22 November 2018 
Venue: London 
Time: 11:40am - 1:40pm followed by the opportunity to see Waste to Wealth brought to life from 1.45pm onwards (more details to follow). 
Please note registration starts from 11.15am

Places allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please RSVP by Friday 26 October 2018 to Georgina Martin, Events Manager, with your details and those of your chosen practitioner*: E: georgina.martin@bitc.org.uk T: 0207 566 8786 
Kindly note that this invitation is non-transferable. 

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*Image by NeONBRAND on Unsplash