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"Thanks for reading about Business in the Community in the April easyJet inflight magazine.

We work with inspirational businesses committed to action that makes society better.  In every high street and business park, in factories and offices across the country, employers are inspiring young people, supporting entrepreneurs and coming up with ways to better use natural resources. 

Together, they are creating the next generation of responsible businesses."

Stephen Howard, CEO, Business in the Community

Find out more about Business in the Community campaigns and the issues we focus on, and delve into some practical ways business can contribute to society.


The Building a Better World Supplement appearing on easyJet flights throughout April.

Companies are increasingly helping to transform society for the better. This supplement takes an in-depth look at how responsible business is making a positive change in the world and shares the stories of some of the 2015 Responsible Business Awards.

Download the Supplement as a PDF.

Responsible Business Week (18-22 April 2016) is an annual campaign to inspire and challenge more businesses to more businesses to take action that creates positive change in society.

Find out what's happening in Responsible Business Week 2016, and see highlights from the Week in 2015


How can technology be used as a force for good?

Fujitsu was recognised as our 2015 Responsible Business of the Year for the way it embeds sustainability and addresses the challenges of critcal world issues into its strategic planning, using technology as a force for good.

Find out more about our Responsible Business of the Year


Want to inspire and hire young people, and grow their talent and skills? Discover some of the way we work with business to support young people into employment.

Find out about our work on young people and employment


It's not just about recycling! 

From tackling climate change to helping small businesses prepare for and recover after flooding, we support businesses to change the way they think about the environment.

Find out more about the environmental issues we tackle


How inclusive is your workplace and why should you care? 

Organisations benefit when they create workplaces which tap into a diverse range of skills and talents and that support the physical and mental wellbeing of all employees. Creating diverse and inclusive workplaces is a business imperative, not just a nice to do.

Read more about how to make your workplace truly inclusive


Going global?Going global? Find out more about how business can respond to international disasters, as well as how we promote responsible tourism across the world.

More on business and disaster relief | Find out about our work on responsible tourism.

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