Andy Gibbon

Former BITC Business Connector, Waitrose, 

We asked Andy about his experience of being a Business in the Community Business Connector.

What’s your fondest memory of being a Business Connector?

The fantastic and hugely varied people that I met.

 How has being a Business Connector changed your role or the way you approach your role since going back into your business?

I have found "space" in the way I operate that I didn't think was there before.  Asking better questions that get much better outcomes and building more effective working relationships than I thought possible.  I'm also no longer a technophobe!!

Have you made any changes to the way your company approaches community investment since returning?

Yes, I have helped to influence the approach taken by Waitrose with future connectors.  I am also helping to develop the way we volunteer within the community, including personally taking a group of 11 colleagues to volunteer for a day at one of the charities I was working with as a connector.  Ripon community link.