Chris Paul

CSR Manager, Serco., 

Chris Paul is a Norfolk “old boy” who returned to his local routes having been an army child living around the world. Chris trained at hotel school and spent time in the navy to see more of the world. After a time in restaurants Chris joined the NHS and continued his trade as chef. Many years were spent in different roles and working in operational management within catering departments and other facilities services.

2001 saw massive change in the local NHS when a new Norwich hospital was built and Chris volunteered to transfer to Serco who were the chosen facilities contract management company at the new site, so that he could lead in the brand new catering and other facilities services. Corporate Social Responsibility was high on the agenda for Serco and Chris was asked to make sense of its local potentials and offerings. Chris now guides a vibrant CSR programme with Serco’s healthcare services across the UK. Providing employment for young people and those with learning difficulties has been a significant outcome.

In his own time he continues to travel widely, is developing a chef training school within a Bulgarian orphanage and loves to get messy with engines and grease on his old classic car. He is married to a senior nurse and has one grown up daughter plus their new puppy.