Christoph Behling

Founder, Christoph Behling Design, 
Christoph Belling, Founder, Christoph Belling Design

Christoph Behling is the founder of Christoph Behling Design, a London based product design studio which has achieved international recognition in a diversity of industries including communication technology, watches, and transport.  Be it watches or solar-powered boats, it is a fascination with ‘energy’ which is at the core of Behling’s work, merging science with art to create change. 

Born in Geneva and raised in Germany, Behling completed his diploma in Industrial Design in 1995 in Stuttgart, where he designed and built his first solar boat as his final project. Upon graduation, Behling worked for a number of well-known product design consultancies in both Tokyo and London before establishing Christoph Behling Design in 2004. 

In parallel, Behling founded SolarLab Research & Design in 2006 to formalise his commitment to solar powered design, which originated in Stuttgart. Solarlab is widely recognised as a pioneer in the field of sustainable transport design, having created and developed over 40 solar-powered boats, as well as installations and architectural designs. The Serpentine SolarShuttle, launched in London in July 2006, has become an international icon of sustainable design.
Behling has received numerous accolades for his work and has been on the judging panel of design competitions across Europe. For five years he taught the Masters course in Design Products at the Royal College of Art and is the curator-cofounder of RCA’s annual Sustain exhibition during the London Design Festival.