David J Robinson

The Prince's Regional Ambassador 2012-2013, North East - Chief Executive Officer, 
The Prince's Regional Ambassador North East, David J Robinson

David has continued to play a leading role in galvanising businesses on Teesside to participate in the High Tide programme, which is gaining momentum, particularly as they have secured funding for the next three years to employ a member of staff to manage some of the volunteering activity.  David hosted a meeting in Middlesbrough in March convening key players from both the public and private sector to discuss how we could ‘scale up’ activity, which has already resulted in greater connectivity between the various parties.

David has also supported the Business Connector programme, by hosting an event in January with over 20 businesses present, resulting in a number of organisations new to BITC considering seconding a Connector in the North East, and one of them has also agreed to become a member of BITC.

He is also supporting us in recruiting other new members, and continues to be an active and engaged member of the North East Advisory Board.