Heidi Mottram OBE

Chief Executive, 
The Prince's Ambassador for the North East
Heidi Mottram, Chief Executive, Northumbrian Water

Heidi is recognised as a key business leader in the North East. She has chaired the CBI in the North East for the last three years, before joining the National CBI Board.  Heidi was also the Deputy Chair for the North East LEP Economic Review, working alongside Lord Adonis, resulting in the preparation of the Strategic Economic Plan for the region. Heidi also took a lead in developing the plan for the strategic transport priorities for the North East.

Heidi hosted a visit at our recent Water Seeing is Believing visit in the North East, following the water footprint of a toffee crisp.  She was also a delegate on Business in the Community’s Seeing is Believing visit on Teesside, is very engaged with the High Tide Group, and has recently employed former SSI apprentices at Northumbrian Water.

Heidi is a great supporter of The Prince’s Rural Agenda, building affordable rural housing on NWL’s land. She has nominated two colleagues to sit on Business in the Community’s North East and East of England Regional Advisory Boards.

A Big Tick winner in 2014 in the Sustainable Products and Services Award, NWL is the only water company that is now transforming 100% of their sewage sludge into renewable energy thanks to an investment of  £900 Million in developing advanced anaerobic digestion in two plants, under Heidi's leadership. This energy is now being injected directly into the grid.

Heidi’s commitment to supporting the rural economy is evidenced in her work at Kielder, where she chairs the Kielder partnership, creating both jobs and affordable rural housing.

Heidi's commitment to conservation and biodiversity is also clear from her actions.  Under her leadership, NWL extended the Abberton Reservoir to ensure the water supply for Essex and the Thames Gateway.  However, this is an extremely important site for breeding birds, and Heidi has ensured that the environment has become more welcoming for the birds as a result of the work undertaken, for example removing the concrete sides of the reservoir and recycling this concrete to create surrounding paths.

As an Ambassador: Heidi is committed to leading on two key areas: first, business resilience, with a particular focus on water resources and flooding, and helping businesses plan to improve their resilience in this area; second, Heidi is committed to supporting the rural economy, sharing learnings from her work in Kielder across the region.