John Binns

Mental Health and Personal Resilience Manager, 
John Binns, Mental Health and Personal Resilience Manager to Deloitte

John is currently the Mental Health and Personal Resilience adviser to Deloitte. He provides this service through his company Fit4success. He also advises many other corporates nationally and internationally on mental health and wellbeing and is a respected public speaker and media commentator on managing stress in the workplace.

Until June 2013 John was an Equity Partner in Deloitte UK.  He was made Partner in 2001.  Prior to this he was a Worldwide Partner in Andersen where he worked from 1994.  Before that he had 10 years experience working in the public sector.  He has always worked on the Management  Consulting side of the business specialising in organisational transformation. He has held a number of senior roles within Deloitte.  He was an experienced Lead Client Service Partner for many strategic clients of the firm.

John is currently on the Board and a Trustee of the leading UK Mental Health charity Mind and is a former Chairman of a London based  Housing Association providing housing, care and support for the elderly.

Since 2007 based on his own personal experience, John has lead a wide range of ground breaking mental health and wellbeing initiatives within Deloitte UK which have been nationally and internationally recognised as leading practice.  He is a sought after speaker and advisor to businesses, typically professional services, technology, financial services and media organisations looking to  better address the management of stress in the workplace,  alongside the  wellbeing and mental health of their people.

John's international work includes founding along with Wendy Brennan from NAMI, the New York workplace Mental Health Summit. This is regularly attended by 25 top global corporates which actively promotes best practices in the work place across the USA.

He is a Member of the cross Whitehall Disability Engagement Group with a remit to advise on workplace mental health. This is led by Lin homer the Perm Sec at HMRC and Andrew Macdonald CEO of the Parliamentary Standards Authority.

He is also a member of BITC's subgroup on Mental health and personal resilience in the workplace and a member of the Committee of Management of the City Mental Health Alliance.

At Responsible Business Week 2014 Jayne will be speaking at the session Big Conversation on Mental Health.