John Gethin

2014 Sieff Winner, London - Energy Manager, 
John Gethin, Energy Manager, Workspace Group

John has become a focal point within Workspace Group in regarding to sustainability, driving forward innovation within the business to reduce its wider impact on the environment. This change is not only about thinking sustainably, but how it is integrated into daily business activities. He works independently to find creative solutions which ensure that projects and plans come together and deliver long term impact. John has already reduced absolute carbon emissions by 3% this year, with more ambitious targets for the future.
"John has become a focal point within Workspace with regard to climate change and carbon emissions.  He is one of Workspace's key assets in driving its sustainability and climate change initiatives.  A team player which seamlessly works across departments and stakeholder groups to drive forward a sustainability mind-set within the business."
Catherine Sellars, Head of Marketing, Workspace Group