Kingsley Thornton

2014 Sieff Winner, North West - Operation Support Director, 
Kingsley Thornton, Operation Support Director, Forrest

Kingsley’s intuitive ability has delivered sustainable growth while retaining customer satisfaction and community investment. As Operations Support Director he leads 40 staff across a range of business functions, with the aptitude and commitment to be a great industry leader. As a leader he actively shared his knowledge to drive innovation and sustainability and has the potential to influence real change across all areas of the business.

"Great leadership is at the heart of successful companies. At Forrest, we believe it is integral in creating a safer, more sustainable and prosperous industry.

"Since joining Forrest four years ago, Kingsley has proven himself to be a valuable asset, delivering excellent results for the company, our clients and their customers. His rapid progression to Operational Support Director at the age of 30 is evidence of his genuine ability, and it's fantastic to see his hard work recognised with a Sieff Future Leaders Award. I truly believe Kingsley is set to become one of construction's great leaders for the future."

Lee McCarren, Chief Executive Officer, Forrest