Why join a leadership team?

Join our influential leadership network in bringing about change for business and society.

It’s been beneficial for me as an individual, broadening my own leadership skills. It’s quite an honour and a privilege, especially when you see the kind of people who are involved in a leadership team. As a team we have a chance to make a real difference, to face some real challenges, address some real needs.

- Julian Daniel,
Director, Blue Sky Building

Joining this influential network of senior leaders enables you to lead the agenda and shape how businesses around the UK tackle responsible business issues.

You will develop leadership skills for a sustainable future, and plan for the future leadership of your business.

Each Leadership Team is led by a group of senior executives who provide strategic guidance, establishing and supporting us in achieving agreed objectives.

To find out more about joining a specific team or advisory board, please contact the team chair, or your corporate advisor.

Find out more about our leadership services or for more general enquiries please contact information@bitc.org.uk.

Image above shows Waitrose Managing Director and Business in the Community Chairman Mark Price, Wates Construction CEO Paul Dreschler, President of Chocolate at Mars UK Fiona Dawson, and Greggs CEO Ken McKeikan - joining Kirsty Wark on  Newsnight BBC 2 Thursday 24 February 2012.