Lucy Clementson-Mills

Sieff Winner 2014, Wales - Head of Culture and Performance, 
Lucy Clementson-Mills, Head of Culture and Performance, BBI Solutions

Through Lucy's passionate and innovative approach to involving the whole of the business in the identification and communication of the Group’s values, she has shown true leadership potential. Working across many countries and a wide portfolio of products and services Lucy has been instrumental in translating BBI values into action using Responsible Business Practice.

She has clearly articulated how these activities attract and retain talent whilst engaging customers, suppliers and employees in the values of the BBI Group. Following her establishment of the HR department, she is now responsible for leading culture and performance.

"BBI has seen tremendous growth in the last 10 years building off a very strong and successful technology foundation. When you grow at such a pace it becomes essential that the foundations of your culture are protected. Lucy has played a key role in ensuring that the integration of BBI’s multiple acquisitions have been successful and generally accretive to BBI’s culture. Lucy has brought innovation and a huge work ethic to this side of our business which has made sure we stay ahead of the market and remain a great place to work for current and future employees."

Lyn Rees, Group CEO, BBI Group