Mia Fuentes

Senior Global Brand Manager, Hair, 
Mia Fuentes, Sieff Award Winner, Unilever

About Mia

Mia joined Unilever 10 years ago in the Philippines, as a part of the Graduate Program. She later moved to the Unilever Regional office in Singapore, where she built her knowledge and expertise in the South East Asian markets, most notably by working on overall regional brand strategy as well as successfully delivering white space brand launches. Today, she is with the Global Brand Team in the Unilever Headquarters in London, as a Senior Global Brand Manager.

Throughout her career, Mia has been passionate about sustainability - proactively seeking opportunities to build better, more environmentally friendly innovations, as well as crafting purposeful brands that build positive social messages.   

Responsible Business

Responsible and sustainable business is the only way of doing business in today’s world. It is no longer a competitive advantage, it is a necessity. As a brand manager, my role is to ensure I craft purposeful brands wherein every consumer touch point is an opportunity to impact people in a socially positive way and to contribute to their lives more fully. It also means bringing thoughtfully planned innovations to the marketplace that are both meaningful to consumers and kind to the environment.

Why Mia has been nominated

"Mia’s thoughtful initiatives on sustainability as well as her passion for crafting purposeful brands make her a natural fit for this program. She has a number of challenging responsibilities, which include global projects aimed at reducing environmental footprints as well as crafting campaigns that build positive social messages. Equipped with her uncanny marketing sense, we look forward to see how this program would help her become an even better sustainability leader."