Nicholas Russell

Co-founder and CEO of We Are Pop Up , 
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Nicholas Russell is a co-founder and CEO of We Are Pop Up – the online marketplace for short-term commercial property.  We Are Pop Up connects emerging brands and property owners, for the purpose of creating new consumer experiences and revenue streams.  The company launched in London in 2012, and is a TechStars alumnae. Previously to founding We Are Pop Up, Nick  was a management consultant to multinationals including Barclays, HP, Lexus, LVMH, Shell, and Tesco.  He has worked across the US, Europe, and Asia, advising on business and corporate strategy– from branding and innovation, to capital investment and sustainability.

He read for an MBA at the University of Oxford, and studied Psychology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

At Responsible Business Week, Nick will be speaking at the big plenary debate Does fortune favour the brave? Is business brave enough to innovate for the sustainability challenge? developed in partnership with Tata.