Paul Winkle

Station Director, Torness and Scotland Business Director, EDF Energy, 
Paul Winkle, Station Director, Torness and Scotland Business Director, EDF Energy

Paul is the Director at Torness Power Station near Dunbar, where he works with a team of over 500 committed and professional people to generate low carbon electricity for around 2 million homes. 

As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Paul has a sound understanding of the technical aspects of the power station. However, he believes that the key to any successful business is to develop an engaged and enthusiastic workforce, who place safety at the centre of everything they do. 

Being part of the community is key to the success of the power station.  Many employees live in the local area and Paul believes it is important that EDF can recruit apprentices and other employees locally.  Paul believes that the company also want to be recognised as a good neighbour and this comes from running the business in a responsible way. 

Paul and the EDF Energy team have joined the SNAP-RB leadership program as they feel it will help them be a force for good within their community.