Quentin Clark

Head of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing, 

Quentin graduated from Exeter University with a degree in geology and geo-chemistry and joined Waitrose in 1987 after a career in  seismic exploration. He worked in selling and merchandising before joining the fruit buying team, subsequently becoming Senior Buyer Vegetables and Salads, a role he held for several years. He left buying to set up a new team to provide strategic analysis and information for the Waitrose business planning process before returning to buying as Senior Buyer Poultry, Fish and Eggs in 2004.

He led the development of the Waitrose policy on sustainable fishing, chicken welfare and total conversion to free range eggs in this time before accepting his current role of Head of Sustainablity and Ethical Sourcing at Waitrose in 2010.

Since then he has led the the engagement of our suppliers, partners and customers in the sustainability and ethical sourcing agenda through the development of “The Waitrose Way”, an holistic approach to CSR based on four key pillars. Championing British , Treading Lightly , Treating People Fairly and Living Well

He was recognised as a “Responsible Business Game Changer” by Business in The Community in 2012.