Richard Kirkman

Technical Director, 
Richard Kirkman, Technical Director, Veolia Environnement

Richard became Veolia’s Technical Director in February 2013, after previously being Head of Technology. He is responsible for the planning and construction of new infrastructure that Veolia is investing £1 billion in between 2013 and 2018.
Richard guides his technology team on thermal development, fuel and energy, water treatment, Material Recovery Facility recycling, biological treatments and ‘best in class’ sector innovation. He is behind some of the industry’s most exciting developments. These include pioneering treatment facilities that can extract precious metals from street sweepings, recover precious plastics and create sustainable fuel and energy.

His vision for the cities of the future compels him to explore innovative ways to create homes that are underpinned by green building materials, protect resources and drive a zero waste strategy. Futuristic technologies that will make life easier and greener, some of which are already being developed by Veolia.

Richard has a prominent media profile. He has made a number of appearances on national radio and television explaining the latest developments in waste treatment technology including BBC Radio 4 and ITV News.

Richard spoke at the Responsible Business Week session Future cities: Urban utopias or urban nightmares.