Sheila Hemingway

Occupational Health Adviser, Unilever R&D, Sharnbrook, 
Sheila Hemingway, Occupational Health Advisor for Unilever R&D in Sharnbrook Bedfordshire

Sheila Hemingway is currently an Occupational Health Advisor for Unilever R&D in Sharnbrook Bedfordshire, a role which she has held for seven years.  She has a degree in Public Health and has been a Registered General Nurse since 1985. 

During her career Sheila has held a variety of challenging posts, including working in occupational health for an F1 racing team in Northamptonshire, and as a Practice Nurse, working in general practice for ten years as well as in a variety of hospital posts earlier in her career.

She has a passion for workplace health and pro-active interventions to sustain and improve the health of our work forces.  She sees the key challenge as trying to understand the environment for workers and engaging them accordingly, especially as employees can get tired of the health "wallpaper" of healthy eating and salt reduction messages.  At her current workplace she has had success in forming a vitality team from across the site and holding regular health fairs. 

She has also started a community choir at her workplace to try to build community and networking across all work levels and job types, which currently has 66 members.